1000 reblogs = $10

10000 reblogs = $100 .. and so on

Okay, we know, we know, it’s shameless self promotion. We will be using the increased traffic from our website to fund this donation. We will be sending Red Cross the check for the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami.

UPDATE: We forgot to add what we’d do if someone were to “like” the post. We will combine the reblogs and likes we got from our last post along with the reblogs and likes we get from this post.

We wish we can donate more, but it’s all we can handle. If you would like to donate directly to the cause, please click here.

We will be donating 1 cent per every reblog, 1 cent for every like and 5 cents per every new follower we get. We’ll be sending the check to American Red Cross.

Email us at what@viaSQUARED.com for any questions regarding this.


i don’t even care if this is fake just rebagel this



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